50 recipes for a beginner from a beginner: A series 7/50

The recipe that I have for you this time is quite popular in Bombay, it’s place of origin. It was invented in the 1960s in Willingdon Sports Club, South Bombay. If you’ve conjectured the recipe by now, give yourself a pat on the back. For those who’ve not, today’s recipe of the day is eggs kejriwal.

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Style a blazer in 3 different ways for summer

Hello readers, The recent coronavirus pandemic has brought a halt to life all across the globe. This unprecedented scenario has shook everyone and I really hope for the safety and happiness of each and every person on this planet. In India we’re all on a lockdown for 21 days so I decided that I’ll utilize... Continue Reading →

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Bridesmaid outfit ideas for Indian weddings!

Hello readers, Different people have different reactions to weddings. Some fall in love with the grandeur and opulence associated with it, while others detest it. I find myself somewhere in the middle of the stark contrast. When I think about weddings, two things that pop into my head first are food and outfits!! The vibe... Continue Reading →

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Men, pack your bags !

Cross-body bags are one of the hottest trends to have emerged from streetwear’s ever -tightening stranglehold on high fashion. A man, like a woman has got stuff too that he needs to shove inside a bag and carry around. Cross body bags are one of the hottest trends and if you don’t have it by... Continue Reading →

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  Barbies or remote-control cars? Pink or blue? Soldier or teacher?    I’m sure most of you while picking one of the two choices given above would have thought about gender and what symbolizes femininity or masculinity. We have been subconsciously trained to make our lifestyle choices based on our gender. If you are a girl you... Continue Reading →

Midnights in Goa!! 

Hello readers, I hope you're all doing great. I have no idea how many people actually read my post, but I wanna thank each one of you for taking out time and having a look at my blog. I know I've been MIA for the past few months, but I'm back and I'll try to... Continue Reading →

Audrey Hepburn Style Tips❤️

HEY LOVELIES, HOPE YOU'RE ALL DOING GREAT! The 50's gave the world a fashion and beauty icon who's ruling our hearts even now, much later after her death. I'm talking about Audrey Hepburn. The woman known not only for her beauty and fashion sense but also for her compassion and humanitarianism. This post is a... Continue Reading →

Street style in Brisbane- Part 2

Greetings to all my readers❤️ As I mentioned in my last post, I am going to show you guys the different looks that I donned during my travel to Brisbane in different segments, so here comes the second part of the series.😁 LOOK 1 I have a thing for rompers. I think they're very comfortable... Continue Reading →

Street Style in Brisbane- Part 1

Hello beautiful people,  I just got back from the beautiful city of Brisbane and I decided that I'll make a series of posts with my everyday outfits that I wore on the streets of Brisbane(hence the title )starting with this one. So stay tuned and scroll down.⬇️😁 I was strutting around the streets of Brisbane(well... Continue Reading →

One dress three looks!

Hello people, I hope you're all doing great coz I surely am. I'm vacationing in Australia right now which means that there are going to be lots of new posts lining up, so be prepared for that😁 We all aim for lightweight luggage while traveling but then we also don't want to repeat our clothes... Continue Reading →

Romper love❤️

Hey guys,  If you live in Delhi, you must know how hot it is outside and how it's such a task dressing up. Tight clothes which cling to your skin are totally unbearable to wear during the scorching heat. Thus, I found my solace in ROMPERS. They're so comfortable and look so cute. Here I... Continue Reading →

Pretty Little Liars Inspired Looks!! 

Hey guys! If you've watched Pretty Little Liars, I'm sure you would've noticed how the girls dressed( I mean it's impossible not to😍). Since all the girls had different personalities, I'm sure you related to at least one of them. Hence, I decided to create a look book for you all, which is similar to... Continue Reading →

Summer Affair!! 

Hello lovely people !!  Summer is here in the northern hemisphere and so is the time to upgrade our closets. I think our cool clothes and soothing accessories are crucial to beat the heat (pun intended). I've created two summer looks for you guys which are cute and chic so check them out.  LOOK 1(CAMI... Continue Reading →

Elena Gilbert Look Book!! 

Hello to all TVD fans!! If you've watched The Vampire Diaries, you must be knowing who Elena was( obviously😝). Elena was no style icon and usually donned cute casual outfits( her doppelgänger Katherine often referred to her style as "boring") but I still loved what she wore and how easy it was to relate to... Continue Reading →


Hey guys!! I hope you're all doing great❤️ A stylecracker box is a stylist curated, customized box of fashion that gets delivered to your doorstep. All you have to do is visit their website, answer a few simple questions about yourself and the stylists will get to work. The StyleCracker Box is tailored to your... Continue Reading →

Lips don’t lie!!!!!

Bonjour belles personnes!!!😁💕 As some of you would've guessed from the title this post is going to be about lips and I'm going to be telling you about my favourite lipsticks so keep reading.😁💋 SEPHORA CREAM LIP STAIN(35) This is a beautiful purple colour which instantly brightens up your face and draws the attention towards... Continue Reading →

Weekend Getaway❤️

Hello folks,  I must say that I'm really excited for this post for I've had a great weekend and it was all about cute dresses, extravagant rooms, great times with friends and family, good food and a lot of drinks and I cannot wait to share it with you all.  I went to The Roseate... Continue Reading →

Date Night Looks!! 

Hello people,  As you would've guessed from the title, this post is about what you can wear to your date nights. We all have those special nights when we want to look our best, not necessarily to please anyone else but ourselves. But most often we find ourselves in a dilemma of what to wear(duh!).... Continue Reading →

Look Book(Skirts)

Hello folks,  With summer just around the corner I'm sure you must be thinking about when to go shopping next.Well ya that's what's on my mind too. Skirts are an essential part of our closet especially during summertime. So today I'm going to talk all about them.  Look 1  A pencil skirt looks fabulous when... Continue Reading →

One Shirt Four Looks !

Hey guys,  Today I'm going to show you how you can style one shirt in so many different ways. Shirts are a wardrobe staple for every woman. They are so comfy and chic( well that's become my favourite word lately😝) that you just can't ignore them. So let's go on with it.  Look 1( Shirt... Continue Reading →

Fantasy to Reality❤️

Hello everyone, I hope you're all having a great day😁🌹 I’m sure all of us wish we could go back to our childhood and cherish those memories, be carefree and joyful, away from all the stress that we have in our lives. Disney cartoons and movies have been such a great part of that. I... Continue Reading →

3 products I swear by for gorgeous skin!! 

Hello folks,  A very happy women's day to all the ladies. This women's day pamper yourselves and just sit back on the porch and enjoy my blog!! "Beautiful skin requires commitment not a miracle"  Well the above mentioned quote really justifies what I wanna talk about in today's post. We all crave for that lustrous,... Continue Reading →

Marriages:Do Or Die?

Marriage is one institution that we all are impelled into, either by our parents or our society. People think if you're not married at a younger age then there's probably something wrong with you. Now that's bizarre, isn't it? Our parents dread the judge mental society and want us to settle down and have kids... Continue Reading →

Why so stressed?

Hello guys, How was your day everyone? You'll probably say it was good,great,bad or pathetic. Well it doesn't matter how much we try but not every single day of our lives can be outstanding. It's true life is hard and it can be harder at times but giving up is never the solution. As we... Continue Reading →

Is love a drug that kills? 

     Hello folks, Love is a beautiful feeling or should I say it's surreal. We say that we love a lot of things in our life like our families, friends etc. But our form of expressing it,is different with everyone. Unlike any other emotion love is a lot more complicated. It can make you do... Continue Reading →

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